Blue Ribbon are Top 20 Home Care Group for the fourth year running

Blue Ribbon has broken records with its placing in the Top 20 home care groups award for the fourth year running!

The Home Care Awards 2019 are based directly on the reviews on from the people we care for, their friends and relatives. Altogether more than 17,000 people post reviews to the site each year, so we’re honoured to be recognised for the high-quality care that our offices are delivering UK wide.

Speaking about the awards, Managing Director, Noel Williams said, “What makes receiving these awards so satisfying is knowing that they are decided on the strength of the reviews given by the people who actually benefit from using our services.”

“The results are a testament to the quality of the person centred care delivered by our fantastic teams who go the extra mile to empower the people they care for. I would like to say a huge thank you and well done to everyone who works with Blue Ribbon who are working hard to achieve our vision which is to be ‘without doubt, the most reputable home care provider in the UK’.”

Further establishing its success in the awards, two of its branches gained a perfect ‘10’ review score.

Amanda Hopkins, reviews manager of, said: “People are living longer with more complex conditions, so home care providers, which offer compassionate, personalised care to people in their own homes are becoming increasingly crucial in today’s society.

“Blue Ribbon Community Care has proved that it provides a high standard of care and we’d like to congratulate them on being a top home care group! We feel it is a real achievement to be recognised for being one of the Top 20 home care groups in the UK.”

Here are some of the fantastic reviews the award is based on:

“I am perfectly happy with the service. The carers know what they are doing and make an excellent job of it. One of the carers has just recently saved my life by calling for an ambulance when I stopped breathing. I felt far more secure in my predicament with a trained carer who knew exactly what to do
in what was a life and death situation. Thank you very much.” – Peter C

“I would definitely recommend Blue Ribbon. My mother’s carers are very personable, caring, reliable and trustworthy and it is evident that they enjoy their job.
I have established a very good relationship with her two regular carers (who always ‘go the extra mile’) and the office manager and nothing is too much trouble.” – Christine P

“I cannot recommend Blue Ribbon highly enough, the customer service and care provided to my 98-year-old mother have been second to none. Support needed to be arranged quickly and it was, different issues needed to be managed and they were, all in a friendly, efficient and caring way. I recommend them to any prospective user.” – DK

“The Blue Ribbon care company have been excellent to deal with from the beginning. They have been helpful and accommodating to all Mum’s needs. The girls who come in to care for Mum are fantastic. They are caring and helpful and treat Mum with respect and dignity. I cannot fault any of them. They have eased a difficult situation and made Mum feel cared for and safe. I would certainly recommend them to anyone who asks.” – Sheila M

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