A day in the life of… a Live In Care Worker

"Hi, My name is Marta. I'm 26 and work as a Live In Care Worker for Blue Ribbon Community Care in the UK.

Q. Tell us about your role as a Live In Care Worker?

My role is one which sees me provide care and support as well as companionship to people with a wide range of support needs who prefer to receive care in their own homes.  Mainly though I work with older people who because of their age struggle with the day to day tasks that keep them safe and healthy.

A typical day for me would start with supporting the person I am living with to get up, washed and dressed.  This routine varies widely from using a hoist for some to no equipment for others.  Some like to shower everyday others just a wash, I am here to make sure the routine that people are used to is maintained.

Once up it is usual to head to the kitchen for breakfast.  Some toast and coffee or cereal and a cup of tea, maybe a cooked breakfast at the weekends.  This is the time when we plan what we are going to do for the rest of the day; be it a health appointment, a visit to the hairdresser, lunch with friends or family, or simply catching up on household tasks such as cleaning and shopping.  The kind of things people do everyday.  Throughout the day, as well as being a companion I am there to make sure medication is taken and meals are prepared as well as continually monitoring health.

The evenings are similar to the morning routines, that being an evening meal, maybe a shower and then a good book or to catch up on the latest episodes of favourite TV shows before finally making it safely to bed for a good nights sleep.”

Q. What made you want to be a Live In Care Worker?

As a Live In Care Worker, what is most satisfying to me is the situation allows me to create a bond much more quickly and deeply with the people who need care than I could when providing hourly care. 
Because I tend to work three [3] weeks on and one [1] week off with one individual I get to know and understand their routines intimately. I think from their point of view Live In Care is nice too because of that continuity. 
I love my job, because I know that I’m making a big difference to people’s quality of life.

We have lots of care opportunities and lots of people who are looking for live-in carers just like you. Every day, people or their families contact us needing care, so we need new carers every day too.