Did you know that if you, or the person you are organising care for has social care needs you can contact your Local Authority and ask for a financial assessment?

Each local authority should publish and make available details of its charging policy for home care, how they work out how much to charge you and how much you’re allowed to keep for your own use.

There are also some national differences. In Wales for example, there’s a cap on the maximum you’ll have to pay. While in Scotland, care services are free up to a specified limit.

After speaking with them, they should calculate how much money they will contribute to funding your care. Social care funding is means tested, which means that you may have to contribute to or completely pay for the overall cost of your social care.

Once granted, Blue Ribbon can advise you on how the funding can be used to implement a complete package of person-centred care to enable you or a loved one to remain at home. Providing Hourly visiting care and Live In care, we organise tailored packages considerate of your budget and future needs. You can find out more about funding for social care by contacting your Local Authority.

What next if you’ve already got funding for social care in place?

If you already have funding for social care in place and would like to organise a package of care, or if you would like to find out more about our role in the funding process, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the customer service team today.

Our teams work directly with prospective customers and with healthcare professionals on a daily basis to help people right across the country embrace independent living.

You may be entitled to some level of funding to help finance your care

Still wondering if you are entitled to local authority funding for your care? See below for the steps on how you can get tested.

Means tests for different types of care

Residential Care means test

If you’re moving into a care home and have more than the amounts shown in the table below, you’ll usually have to pay all the care home fees.

This threshold includes the value of your home unless your partner or another dependant still lives there.

If your amounts are below this then you could be entitled to Local Authority funding.

Care at Home means test

You can be charged for home care services if you have more than the amounts shown in the table below.

The value of your home is not taken into account when working how much you have to pay.

How your assets and savings affect how much you pay for care

Region Local authority or trust helps pay for care costs if you have assets and savings of*
England less than £23,250
Scotland less than £28,500
Wales** less than £24,000
Northern Ireland less than £23,250

*Your local authority or trust may still take some of your income if you’re below these limits.

Contacting us should be your very first step towards understanding your financial position.

If you are still unsure on whether you are entitled to local authority funding then call us and speak to us direct about your concerns. To speak to a member of the team about social care funding, please call: 0800 689 0148