30-minute regular visits to make sure your vitals (Vital Signs) are stable

Our Health and Wellbeing Checks service is the perfect way to start your care journey. It involves a 30-minute visit from one of our professional Care Workers to track your key vital signs. This can help support you by alerting you, a family member and your key healthcare professionals to any changes that could show that something isn’t quite right.

This unique service can spot early signs of a decline in a person’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Getting help quickly could prevent further deterioration and the need to go to hospital.

The key vital signs that we track include:

  • Blood pressure and pulse
  • Temperature
  • Breathing and oxygen saturation
  • Alertness
  • General wellbeing which is assessed through a questionnaire

How can you or your loved one benefit from this new service?

  • Results are recorded digitally and will form part of your ongoing care records
  • Results can instantly determine if any action needs to be taken using the NEWS2 matrix
  • In certain circumstances, it could mean that a hospital admission is prevented
  • We can notify a family member or a health professional at your request

How often does a Health and Wellbeing Check take place?

The visits can be as often as you need. They would usually take place once a week at the same time.

We can provide the Health and Wellbeing Checks as a stand-alone service or part of your Care Package.


What is the NEWS2 matrix?

The NEWS2 (National Early Warning Score) is a standardised matrix developed by the Royal College of Physicians which improves the detection and response to people at risk of deteriorating. To read more about the NEWS2 score please visit the NHS website.

*Not all Blue Ribbon Community Care branches provide this service. Please check with your local office if this service is available.