We have a Service to suit you

We all need help at particular times in our lives. Whether young or old it is becoming more and more difficult to rely on the people around us to fully support those needs. You and your goals are our focus. It is relatively straightforward for Blue Ribbon to support you in meeting simple daily tasks, such as washing, dressing and eating but there is much more to life than the everyday routine.

Your needs and aspirations are at the centre of everything we do and this approach has helped us earn a quality assured reputation within the communities that Blue Ribbon supports.

We provide visits from as little as 30 minutes a day, all the way up to 24 hour live in care. Our services are now provided in England and Wales.

The people we care for

We can arrange care for people who may need help and support, such as:

  • Older people who need some help with getting up in the morning, or going to bed.
  • Couples who would like some assistance for their partner such as keeping on top of household chores.
  • People with a physical disability who may need assistance.
  • People who have higher  levels of care needs but do not wish to go into residential care choose our Live-in Care Service.
  • Sometimes when someone has been discharged from hospital after illness or an operation, they will contact us for short term help until they are feeling fit again.
  • Everyone enjoys some time to themselves and so we can take them out for a couple of hours.
  • Sometimes a weekly pampering session appeals. A visit the hair salon or the shops can be food for the soul.


Encourage assistance with independence or domestic skills.

Respite Care

We provide relief care for a primary carer, possibly a partner or other family member. This duty may consist of providing company for an hour or two or a combination of a sitting call with a sleep over for longer periods of respite.

Community Support Services

Assistance with accessing educational facilities e.g. Adult Education Centres Assistance with accessing leisure e.g. sports, cinema, theatre, library, art and music Accessing employment opportunities e.g. work placements, job centres or job training Assistance with maintaining social networks Assistance with accessing religious observation and cultural activities