Live-in care for older people from Blue Ribbon works because the care is completely tailored to your way of life. There is no upheaval; everything is on your terms in your home.

It can be an emotional decision to acknowledge that the time has come for permanent support to enable your independence and quality of life. Live-in elderly care from Blue Ribbon works on your terms in your home, from professional Care Workers who are dedicated to solely supporting you with dignity and respect.

We pride ourselves on our support and guidance to families who require care for older people including those with disabilities or elderly people.

We support many couples to stay together in their own homes. With live-in care the flexibility does mean that often one Care Worker can provide tailored support for both. The separation of elderly couples who have been together for decades can be a major cause of anxiety for all of those concerned.

Live-in care for older people eliminates the worry and the stress, allowing couples to remain together for life. Even when one person has dementia, you can still stay together with the right live-in support.

There are also excellent cost benefits with this type of arrangement, especially when compared to the cost of 2 beds in residential care.

One to one tailored care

We specialise in providing full time, one to one support and care for older people. Our highly trained handpicked Care Workers are truly passionate about caring and only providing the highest levels of care. Through our Care Workers we are able to ensure personalised attention and support at all times.

Care for older people can be anything from companionship through to personal care and to higher level care needs, our Care Workers can support anyone to stay at home. We understand the importance of promoting and maintaining regular routines and preferences, including trips out and mealtime choices.

At Blue Ribbon we are proud of our award winning care team, without them we would not have the reputation that we are so proud to have today. Empathy, compassion, skill and commitment are just some of the attributes we ensure all of our Care Workers have. So, we have a dedicated care team who are there for you and your family whatever the issue. Care for older people at Blue Ribbon is one of our favourite types of care, helping families take care of their elderly parents so they can get a bit of a break themselves.

A company that understands

Care for older people can be difficult to deliver as older people as they could be residing at a relatives home, at a care home or in hospital, being back and to, to different facilities for care, support or healthcare. But with Blue Ribbon care Live-in care enables you to stay in your home, living your preferred lifestyle, safe in the knowledge that your Care Worker will be with you every step of the way, supporting you in your daily routines.   Whether you are returning home from hospital or if your current care arrangements are just not enough, we can help.

Continuity of care & managed changeovers

Our Care Workers typically work for a number of weeks at a time which really enables you to build an excellent working relationship and bond. Which is a great thing for older people. Care for older people requires giving them time and attention, building strong relationships with them, as well as keeping them entertained.

Uniquely, Blue Ribbon provides a relief Care Worker the day before your main Care Worker takes a break as standard and at no extra cost. This means that you are able to relax and know that all of your requirements are understood, needs are met and care will continue uninterrupted. This is particularly crucial for those with anxiety and memory difficulties.

Your family and friends

Care for older people tries to ensure the older person receiving the care that their family are spending quality time with them in a safe comfortable place and for everyone involved to knowledge that the care and support provided is second to none. By having a live-in Care Worker, family and friends can concentrate on being exactly that.

Care for older people is where Live-in care means that no one else has to take on a caring role – that is what our highly trained Care Workers are there for.


Not forgetting those other important members of the family – pets. Many of the people we support have pets and they of course form part of the care we provide. Pets are a source of comfort and it is well documented that their presence can promote wellbeing and contentment. So as well as our Care Workers providing care for older people, they will also help take care of your pets too!

Many nursing or residential homes will not allow pets, and this can be heart-breaking. Being able to stay in your own home, means that you will not have to find alternative homes for beloved pets, they can stay at your side – where they belong.

If you would like more information on care for older people, our friendly office team are always happy to help with any queries. 0800 689 0148