Continuous Care Support from Blue Ribbon

Our experience has taught us that continuity of care is one of the most important aspects of service satisfaction. This is especially true for family members of people living with Dementia where learning a new face or a new routine can be very disorientating time.

Continuity of care creates familiarity, which in turn creates a more positive relationship between the person using the service and their Care Worker. It also helps to develop routines which we have found lead to improvements in general health and wellbeing.

Rest Periods

Our aim is to allocate our Care Workers to stay in your home for several weeks at a time (3 or 4), they then take a short break of a week or two before returning. During the rest period cover will of course be provided and if possible by someone you are already familiar with. Blue Ribbon care is determined to deliver continuity of care to all who need full time care.

We guarantee cover for you so you will never be left stranded

If any problems or concerns you have access to your own Live-in Care Manager and a 24-hour emergency care number; this level of care and support offers peace of mind to you and your family. Dedicated to delivering continuity of care for your loved one. Contact Blue Ribbon emergency help line if you have any concerns on the care your loved one is receiving.