Live-in care for couples is one of the most popular care services.

We often get asked if we provide Live In care for couples and we do!

It’s understandable that elderly couples, some of whom who have shared decades of their lives together, do not want to be separated from each other when they need further medical support. They want to receive the care and support they need around the people they love most, in the comfort of the family home they know so well.

Here, at Blue Ribbon, we believe that elderly couples shouldn’t be separated unless absolutely necessary – regardless of the conditions they’re affected by. That’s why we provide care for couples that’s tailored to meet their exact medical requirements.

Blue Ribbon Home Care for Couples

Our friendly live-in Care Workers can provide Live In care for couples in their own homes with personal care as well as help around the home.

They’re trained to deliver care for people affected by a range of conditions, including Dementia, Parkinson’s and Stroke. We also employ Care Workers who are able to deliver specialist care, including PEG feeding, continence care and provide care for a ventilated patient. Understanding that couples want to stay together in the comfort of their own home, and if possible Blue Ribbon Care wants to support both their needs. So we are open to offering Live in care for couples.

We recognise that there are certain aspects of caring for a loved one that couples may find difficult.

A Blue Ribbon Care Worker can provide assistance with everyday tasks around the home that couples may find themselves struggling to complete. Our Care Workers can help to prepare meals, clean and polish, vacuum or pop out to collect prescriptions from the pharmacy amongst other things.

Live In care for couples could be difficult and mean twice as many Care Workers. But not to worry Care Workers will still provide assistance when required, but they’ll never exclude or take away their involvement from a task. Although important, our Care Workers aren’t just there to provide health care support – they also provide companionship and emotional support. They love nothing more than really getting to know the people they look after. And this is another huge benefit of offering Live In care for couples, maintaining their social skills in the home environment.

Whereas many home care agencies rotate their live-in Care Workers, we don’t. This enables both the Care Worker and the couple they’re looking after to build up a strong bond.  It’s also our motivation to ensure that all the time the couples we care for spend together is true quality time.

The Benefits of Live-in Care for Couples

Live In care for couples allows couples to receive the care they need in their own home. This means that there isn’t the disruption to lifestyles or routines. And they don’t have to adapt to being away from each other or their families – which can be distressing.

Live In care for couples is also advantageous from a cost perspective when compared to care homes for couples. This type of service presents a significant saving over the option of two beds in a residential care home.

Live-in care for couples doesn’t have to be a long-term option. For example, it can be used in periods of rehabilitation, or at least until one member of the couple feels comfortable enough to provide care for their loved one without the support of a Care Worker.

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